Breastfeeding Mother Humiliated By A Man At Target Cafeteria

Breastfeeding Mother Humiliated By A Man At Target Cafeteria

There is a raging debate in USA right now over public breastfeeding. While most mothers think that nursing a baby in public is their right (and rightly so), their opponents are equally adamant about opposing it all costs.

In a latest incident in a cafeteria in Target, a woman was minding her own business, that is, breastfeeding her baby.

A man apparently was so enraged and upset with a mother breastfeeding her baby that he started verbally abusing the poor lady.

Jessie Maher, of Collinsville, Connecticut claims that she was verbally abused while publicaly nursing her baby in Target.

She caught the whole incident on her phone's camera and posted it on Facebook.

In the video the man can be seen and heard the man telling Maher that what she was doing was disgusting.

​Maher retorted by saying, "I am feeding my baby, and I have the right to do it here."  

The man was disgusted that a mother was publicaly nursing her hungry infant. He was so incensed that he also demanded a refund from the café because the woman was nursing.

The mother confessed that she was shaking while there was a commotion during the incident.

Public Comes To the Rescue Of The Mother

Seeing the woman with a baby in trouble and not in a position to protect herself, another lady came to help her and encouraged her.

The other lady supported the mom by telling her that what’s she was doing was fine and shouldn’t be ashamed of feeding the baby. If someone has a problem, he can look the other way. The Good Samaritan also walked up to the offended man and confronted him.

The unnamed lady who supported Maher consoled her by saying, “You shouldn’t be ashamed of feeding your baby. He can go the other way. This is a beautiful moment. If he doesn’t like it he can go,” the unidentified woman is heard saying in the video. “Then don’t look, okay? I’m here to protect her.”

Breastfeeding Mother Humiliated By A Man At Target Cafeteria

Breastfeeding Mother Humiliated By A Man At Target Cafeteria

A couple of café employees were also seen escorting the man away.

The crazy man sensing that public was against his ranting just went away sheepishly.

Maher has defended herself by saying that the Target employees told her she was free to breastfeed her baby anywhere in the store.​

“With all the hate going on in the world. You pick your battles. This is not a battle to fight,” Maher said. “A woman feeding her baby. It’s pretty ridiculous he needs to know that and other people need to know that too.”​

Is Our Society To Be Blamed For Shaming public Breastfeeding?

It speaks very poorly of the culture of public shaming of breastfeeding moms in USA. USA is already among the countries struggling with poor rate of breastfeeding as per Lancet.

As more and more incidents like these are coming to light, more awareness is been spread.

Many in the public are reluctant to even understand that a baby has to be nursed every few hours.

There are very few places in most public places where a mother can breastfeed her baby in solitude and privacy.

If someone really has a problem with public feeding then he or she is can just walk away or look the other way.

Why Breastfeeding is So Important For USA?

Breastfeeding is the only source of complete nutrition for an infant. WHO and all leading health authorities have admitted that breastfeeding is most important for short-term and long-term wellness of both mother and baby.

Breastfeeding protects babies from many disease and disorders. Studies have also shown that babies who are breastfed, are less susceptible to infections and diabetes.

Breastmilk’s role in brain development and raising the IQ of children has also been established.

Due to these reason, there is an urgent need of an overhaul in the attitude prevalent in our society right now towards breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a natural activity, which should be, encouraged more as the health of our future generations rests on healthy nutrition.

There is also an economical angle to breastfeeding as breast milk is free and a complete food for baby.

Giving breast milk to a baby can save billions of dollars spent on infant formula and healthcare costs arising from lack of breastfeeding.

Mothers who cannot breastfeed their babies​ due to medical or work related problems can use breast pumps to pump and store their breast milk. The stored breast milk can then be given to the baby at appropriate time. 

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