About Me

Hi, I am Marissa. I am a wife of a very supportive husband and mother of 3 precious kids. Even though my life is not picture perfect, I have too many blessings to be counted. I am an ordinary mom who has been through some tough times (mainly during pregnancy and post-delivery complications).

I had a severe problem with mastitis. I tried every traditional and modern methods but it got out of hand. Eventually, I had to go through incision and drainage procedure. This meant, I could not further feed my first born. At this time, I had to resort to breast pumps.

​At first I bought manual breast pump but it was so tedious. I then opted for double electric breast pumps. Since, then I have tried, tested and used many breast pumps. In fact, I have researched so much about breast pumps and feeding issues that I am somewhat an expert in my neighborhood.

​Egged on by ever-supportive husband and friends, I decided to share my experiences and knowledge with millions of other women just like myself through the blog. Hopefully, you would love this endevour of mine and support to spread this information all over the internet.

​I have tried to collate the best information available and write personal & real reviews for the benefits of parents who are confused with the plethora of breast pumps available. I have made an effort to steer clear of technical jargon and used layman language which is understood by people like us.