Baby Monitor Buying Guide

A few years ago, looking after kids was not so much of a task, but something that most parents enjoyed doing. However, with time, things have certainly changed and with the busy lifestyles that people have nowadays, it is very difficult to take proper care of your baby. This baby monitor buying guide attempts to educate parents on how to decide the type of baby monitor.

Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Baby Monitor Buying Guide

So, a baby monitor can come handy in keeping an eye on your kid. It can help you sleep peacefully, while you know that your baby is having a sound sleep. The type of monitor that you need may be different as per your needs.

To help you decide, we have listed in this baby monitor buying guide the key features of the different types of baby monitors available. This will certainly help you make an informed decision.

Types of Baby Monitors

Sound Baby Monitors (Audio)

​Sound monitoring is considered to be the best method by most parents. Though the other two types of monitors serve vital purposes too, sound monitors are pivotal in alerting you if anything goes wrong.

If the baby is awake other than usual hours or if the baby needs anything, it is obvious that the baby will give out a cry. A sound monitor can be very useful in large houses, where parents live in a separate room and are far away from their kids. It can help to alert the parents at all odd hours and especially while you are sleeping.

The baby may need to be fed or get the diapers changed. This monitor will be really helpful in alerting you at the baby’s first cry.

If you are a first time parent, you probably are not very well versed with the sleeping and waking habits of your baby. The sound monitor can be the best choice for you in that case. So, you can sleep in peace without being anxious about not being able to wake up when the baby needs you.

There are monitors that also have the video function along with the sound function. However, it is the sound which is first going to alert you when your baby needs you. The sound monitors are the most commonly used monitors.

They are available in analog and digital models. These monitors have a transmitter which picks up any sound coming from the baby’s room and transmits it to the receiver. It usually has more than one receiver. So, the parents can hear the baby’s sound from all over the house.

Video Baby Monitors​

​The video monitors typically include the sound feature as well. While the sound alerts you to the baby’s call, the video feature will help you see what your baby is up to, without having to go to your baby’s room. This can be handy for you if you are one of those parents who fret getting up and checking on your baby several times every night. By viewing your baby on the monitor, you can decide if you need to go to your baby’s room.

Also, the sound does not make it clear as to what noise it actually is. So, while you might think that it is your baby that woke up, it could be some other noise and you would be wasting your time taking a trip to your baby’s room.

The video monitor is also great for safety purposes. You can keep a watch on your baby from anywhere in the house, while doing your work. If you have more than one kid, you can keep a watch on both simultaneously.

Some monitors have the feature of transmitting over Wi-Fi. So, you can view your baby on your phone or your computer realtime while at work or outside the house. This is a really great feature if you are working for the most part of the day or leave your kid with a caregiver.

Movement Baby Monitor​

​The sound and video monitors respond to the superficial viewing of the baby or the sound produced by the baby. But, what if the baby stops breathing or does not do any activity that would activate the sound and video monitors.

In such cases, a movement or motion baby monitor can be very helpful. Some of these monitors have movement sensing pads that can be placed in the crib under the baby’s mattress and it notices the movements made by the baby while sleeping. If these motions stop, an alarm will ring and make you aware about the situation.

However, it is important that you properly set up this monitor, so that it does not give any false alarms instigated by the heating systems or the air conditioner.

This monitor is very useful in the first six months when there is a risk of sleep related deaths. This can also be used for prematurely born babies or for babies that have health complications.

However, you should not be completely dependent on this monitor and take personal care of your baby. These monitors use a wireless system and you can connect it with your computer or phone as a receiver to keep track of your baby’s status at all times.

Now that you must have decided which type of monitor you would buy, here are some other important features that you should consider:

  • Frequency Band: The frequency of the monitor should not be very close to the other wireless devices in the house to avoid interference. You should check the frequency of the monitor before buying it and make sure it is not close to that of the wireless devices at your home or even your neighbours’ homes. This will ensure accurate monitoring.
  • Power Cords: It is very important to consider your kid’s safety with the power cords. The monitor should be out of reach of the baby. There have been cases reported about deaths due to strangulation by these cords.
  • No. of receivers: If you live in a large house, you might want to consider having more than one receiver. While if you are in close proximity of your baby at most times, one receiver would be sufficient.
  • Clarity: You may want to see every movement of your baby clearly or hear every sound with complete clarity. So, make it a point to check it before buying. If you just want to see or hear your baby to just keep a check and are not very concerned with absolute clarity, then you can choose the one as per your needs.

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Baby Monitor Buying Guide tells you how to select the baby monitor for your home. A baby monitor is a very crucial baby safety equipment and should be selected only after knowing the pros and cons of each type.

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