Best Double Electric Breast Pumps 2017

Breast pumps are beyond just trending gadgets. They are like mechanical wet nurse at your service. Breast pumping is the most hygienic and efficient way of feeding your baby breast milk without being physically feeding. Breast pumps come in different types like manual, battery operated or electronic breast pumps. Being a new mother or an expecting is a challenging point in life.

There are endless possibilities and one has to make the best choices. Especially if you don’t have someone to advice and guide you, it can be a very anxiety yielding time periods. Putting all your worries and anxieties aside read along this article to make the decision about using a double electric breast pump to help you shoulder a major responsibility of early motherhood – feeding your baby.

In This GuideBest Double Electric Breast Pumps1) Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump2) Spectra Baby USA S 1 Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump3) Medela Freestyle Breast Pump4) Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump5) Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast PumpWhat is a Breast Pump?Parts of a breast pump and their functionsTypes of Breast PumpsManual Breast PumpBattery operated pumpElectric Breast Pump​Advantages Of Double Electric Breast PumpsDisadvantages of a Double Electric Breast PumpFactors to consider when buying Breast PumpFAQs about Breast PumpingRecommendations by health organisations 

If you’re in a rush, you can find your favorite double electric breast pump in our list of best double electric breast pumps for 2017 in the table below. 


Breast Pump Name




​Editor’s Ratings


Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Trusted brand, spares widely available, comes with three types of bags, can be plugged or used with batteries.

Pricey, bit noisy

Medela PISA is ideal for mothers who exclusively pump as it is portable and comfortable.

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Spectra Baby USA S1 Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump

Does not create noise, Has a timer and a night light, Led display, Closed system breast pump

Does not come with any portable bag, Milk bottles have to replaced, Bulky, Pressure suction starts based on memory

Hospital grade & noiseless  

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Medela Freestyle Electric Breast Pump

2 phase technology, plug it in or rechargeable lithium ion batteries, portable

Assembly and cleaning


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Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Closed system, dishwasher safe and can be sterilised, has an angled neck of the pump – bottle connector prevents spillage

No battery option, No LCD display, Only Avent Bottles can be used

Has a unique breast shield that has a floral cushion pattern that massages your breasts and enhances the milk yield.

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Ameda Purely Yours 

Lightweight and portable, Closed system breast pump, Hygienic, Affordable

Massage mode is absent, Spare parts are not easily available

Allows you to try on breast shields of different sizes to suit your body

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Best Double Electric Breast Pumps

All the ratings are Editorial Ratings

1) Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump comes with three types of bags A Tote bag, metro bag and a backpack. It is designed specifically for mothers who pump several times in a day. It comes with a motor unit, battery pack, AC adaptor, ice pack and insulated cooler bag, 24 mm breast shields, 5 ounce breast milk bottles, Personal fit connectors, tubing, valves and set of instructions. This double electric pump is portable and can be carried everywhere.

It is built with 2 -Phase Expression technology with a one touch button that produces milk in little time and maximises comfort. The micro fibre bag contains compartments that hold the milk bottles safely preventing spills. Its battery pack allows you to pump anywhere or you can find a socket and plug it in. It has a Removable cooler bag which holds 4 breast milk bottles and ice pack to keep the milk bottles cool.

Its efficiency, ease of handling, portability and how it maximises comfort makes it number one double electric pump. This is one pump that should be owned by all nursing mothers as it gives you peace of mind and freedom. It lets you pump almost 80z in 10 minutes or so.

This pump lets you sleep comfortably at night and lets your husband bottle feed your child.

The customer service is great and changes the item within days if you encounter with some problem. The comfort experienced while pumping will also be unmatched.

The only drawback is that the breast flange comes in the standard size and the other sizes are sold separately like 21 mm, 27 mm, 32 mm. It weighs almost 2.5 lbs and is an open system breast pump meaning there is no separation between tubing and pump body.

The device does make a buzzing sound but that is something common to all double electric breast pumps. There is also possibility of condensation inside the tubing if you don’t dry your pump after using.

It is not a hands free set but you can make it by using a pumping bra.



Trusted brand


Best seller so spares are aplenty

Bit Noisy

Available in 3 bag sizes

Open system

Can be plugged or used with batteries

Medela PISA is the number one choice of nursing mothers who exclusively pump. Battery pack, Ice pack and removable cooler bag malkes it the best electric pump for working mothers.


2) Spectra Baby USA S 1 Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA S 1 Double/Single Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery

Spectra Baby USA S 1 Double/Single Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery

Spectra Baby USA S 1 is a dual electric breast pump and is known for its great suction power and efficiency. It comes with a Pump motor, a pair of breast flanges, two bottles with teats and sealing discs, two sets of tubing, duck bill valves, a pair of back flow protectors and an AC adaptor.

Spectra S1 can be conveniently carried anywhere. But you will have to carry it in your own bag as it does not come in a tote bag. It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. You can also plug it in if the socket is within your reach. It does not create much noise allowing you to answer phone calls while pumping. There is no need for you to set a timer on your phone as it has its very own timer and shuts off automatically at the designated time. It also has an excellent night light.

It first massages your breast and stimulates it and then you have to turn off the feature and it starts sucking. Like the other Spectra pumps this is another closed system breast pump meaning there is separation between the milk and the breast pump ensuring hygiene.

It is commonly used in hospitals because of its wide suction spectrum. It is used by mothers who give birth to premature babies as it allows them to establish and maintain milk supply. It is flexible and comes with a one touch single button. It also boasts a LED display, which lets you to view how long you have been pumping, which mode you are at presently, and the level and speed of suction.But not all is well with this product. It is very bulky making manoeuvring it difficult.

It weighs approximately 1.1 kg. The bottles that come with the pump are flimsy so bottles by other brands have to be used. The pump automatically starts at expression mode and if your last suction level was 10, the next time you use it will start from 10 which can be a major shocker. The breast flange size is standard.



Does not create noise

Does not come with a bag

Has a timer and a night light

Milk bottles are flimsy

Led display


Closed system breast pump

Spectra Baby USA S 1 Double/Single Breast Pump has not one but two unmatched features, the first being that is it a silent work horse and the second is the wide suction spectrum.


3) Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is lightweight and double electric breast pump with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can last for three hours. The set contains everything you need to pump at home or when travelling.

It comes in a tote bag making it easier to be carried. It consists of a double electric breast pump, 24 and 27 mm personal fit breast shields two of each size, a pair of breast shield connector assemblies, tubing set, four bottles that can hold 5 ounce milk with lids, tote carry bag, rechargeable battery, a removable cooler bag with contoured ice pack, 12 volt AC power adaptor, free easy expression pouch. It is made using two phase expression technology that aids in producing and sustaining more milk.

Just like other Medela products, it has also been designed to cater to mothers who pump several times in a day. It boasts a one touch let down button, adjustable vacuum and speed settings of the pump making pumping a comfortable experience.

The best point is that it has got digital backlit display making it ideal for late night use.It has got a memory button so you can easily return to the pumping pattern and a timer that keeps your pumping time in check.

Every tiny thing that touches breast milk is absolutely free of BPA. It’s rechargeable battery and lightweight motor provides a mobile pumping experience. Since it is free style, it does not involve hands and allows you to pump hand free with the Easy Expression Bustier.

Medela Free Style Breast Pump is acknowledged worldwide for its portability and handsfree operation. It is an open system breast pump but with a better separation between the tubing and milk. But it has got some disadvantages as well.

It is loud, well not the loudest pump in the market, but definitely not silent. The hands free bra straps that come with the pump are difficult to use. Not to be used by mothers who pump occasionally due to its high price. It is one of the most expensive pumps. It should be assembled and cleaned meticulously otherwise it can lead to weaker suction and condensation in the tubing.



2 phase technology

Open system breast pump

Plug it in or rechargeable lithium ion batteries

Assembly and cleaning is a task


Hands free straps are difficult to put on


The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump has hands free expression system allows your hands to be free and do the pumping on the go.


4) Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Philips AVENT SCF 334/12 Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump saves time and lets you pump comfortably. Philips AVENT Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump includes Two large, 25MM cushions, Two 4-ounce Natural bottles, Two breast pad sample packs (two day pads and two night pads), Two sealing discs, Two extra-soft newborn-flow nipples, and One travel bag.

Most mothers have to sit awake all night and deal with severe back aches. This is the pump for you as you won’t have to bend forwards for the breast pump to work efficiently because of the angled neck of the pump that lets milk go straight into the bottle. The pump features a soft 25mm cushion that has 5 massaging petals that help gently stimulate milk flow by imitating the natural suckling patterns of the baby. No milk is trapped under its soft cushion.

All the parts that go into the making of this product are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized. The parts are easy to assemble and not complicated like other brands.

When you turn on the pump, it automatically starts in the stimulation mode to stimulate let down. It has got three expression pump settings letting you choose from those three.

It is a closed separation breast pump making hygiene its greatest strength.

But on the flipside, this pump does not come with batteries and so is not preferred by mums who like to travel and can’t afford to be tied to a wall.

The breast flange tunnel is short and there is not much flange size variation. But on the bright side, it is inexpensive.



Closed system breast pump, Hygienic

No battery otion

Three expression pump settings

Breast flange tunnel is short

Easy assembly

No LCD display


Only Avent bottles can be used.​

The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump has hands free expression system allows your hands to be free and do the pumping on the go.


5) Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump gives you a personalized experience as it lets you adjust the suction level and cycle speed making pumping comfortable.

The set offers a Pump motor, Power adapter, 2 Tubing with Tubing caps, T-connector, 2 Bottles with Bottle caps, 2 Duck-bill valve and 2 Breast shields. It is a great rival of the Medela PISA due to its excellent performance.

It runs on 6AA rechargeable batteries or power source. It can be used for single or double pumping due to the T connector. It comes with the standard breast flange size which is 25 mm. Other sizes are available though and have to be bought separately. It weighs just 500 grams and is compact and lightweight making it portable.

It is a closed system breast pump assuring hygiene as the milk goes straight into the bottle and does not contact the tubing and pump motor. It is suitable for multiple user sharing.

It is approved by FDA and comes with two bottle holders. So you don’t have to worry about knocking one accidentally down!

Ameda offers a variety of custom-fit breast shields with varying dimensions. The major complaint with Ameda is that the speeds and levels of suction cannot be differentiated easily. It does not have massage mode to stimulate quick breast milk let down.Its spare parts are not available widely and so one has to go through a lot of trouble if something breaks.



Closed system breast pump, Hygienic

Suction is less


Spare parts are not easily available


No massage mode


The Ameda Purely Yours is a closed system and has different breast flange size compatibility making it an ideal choice for those who want to share breast pump.


What is a Breast Pump?

In the context of this article when I use the word breast pump it refers:

A breast pump is a device and the set-up which helps extract breast milk from a lactating mother. It has a set of personal fit breast shields, collection bottles, tubing, valves, connectors and an electric device that builds a pressure and a suckling motion.

Parts of a breast pump and their functions

  • Personal fits breast shields – The personal fits are clamped on your breasts. They are the conveyors of the rhythmic pulses that build a pressure and extract the milk.
  • Collection bottles – They are used for storing the breast milk. They are designed to perfectly fit the tubes and connectors. They are air tight to avoid contamination.
  • Tubes and loops – They are used to connect the electric device to the personal fits or the bottles to the personal fits. They are used to collect and direct the milk flowing through them to the collection bottle.
  • Connectors – They are used to connect the bottles to the breast shields. They have an attachment latch which helps to latch on the breast shield and detach it after pumping.
  • Power Source – It can use battery or a direct plug on that helps to generate a power supply. This is used to build pressure on the breasts. There are different sizes and compactness versions available. Some pumps are only the size of a fist. Look for the one that suits you best.

Types of Breast Pumps

Manual Breast Pump

Here the same rhythm is generated by using your hands. Not exactly your hands though. The pump is used to create a pressure sufficient to initiate lactation but not hurt your breasts.This one requires a constant pumping and monitoring. It doesn’t maintain a rhythm.

But manual pumps requires skill and vigilance. Also these pumps don’t allow you to multi task. Once you are using a manual pump you have to solely do that. However they are inexpensive so those of you who are just trying breast pumps for the first time can buy these for a trial. 

Battery operated pump

The battery operated is a semi automatic breast pump. You will need to adjust and initiate the pumping mechanism. But once that is done the battery will operate and maintain the set rhythm.

This is generally a single breast pump. And this is less powerful in terms of suction pressure generated. Also this cannot be used for long as the battery drains easily. It is good for mothers who are always available for the baby and only need small breaks from the nursing schedule.

For mothers who use pumping as a means for relaxing breast engorgement this is a good option. It’s like a small massager.​

Electric Breast Pump​

​The electric breast pump uses an electronic device to generate a cycle of electric impulses. This is a rhythmic pulsatile motion generator that helps the lactation begin. Once milk starts oozing this device keeps automatically adjusting the pressure to simply continue the process.

Here you don’t have to bother yourself about checking whether the lactation has stopped or is it still happening. You can even take a quick nap while you use this. This is the best option for mothers who have problem with their volume of breast milk formed. It is known to increase the milk production.

Advantages Of Double Electric Breast Pumps

  1. Double electric breast pump is a rescue for all those mums who have breastfeeding issues such as low milk yield or poor latch. The rhythmic movement of the breast pump will help to synchronise the lactation. Also if the yield is low then you can collect milk from both the breasts and let your baby have it easily accessible.
  2. Double electric breast pump reduces the length of nursing duration. Breast pump can be used to pump both breasts at the same time. This helps the mother to maximise the milk volume obtained in a shorter time. Also for the baby more amount of milk is available easily without much suckling struggle and is given more rapidly.
  3. Double electric breast pump helps relax the breast engorgement.Most moms must be having a hard time feeling their breasts engorged with milk. This also makes them prone to sagging down and losing the firmness. You can’t feed your baby once they have a full tummy. They leave the suckling process as soon as they are done. So you can pump off the left milk using a breast pump and feel relaxed.
  4. Double electric breast pump help relieve mastitis pain. Mastitis is a painful inflammation of the milk ducts. It is a burning sensation felt. Mastitis can be relieved by using a hot compress followed by lactation. When you nurse your baby you have to make them comfortable and this is difficult when you are in pain. So you can use your breast pump to help restore the normal lactating functions.
  5. Double electric breast pump helps you to manage baby and run errands or get back to work. Today’s super moms can no longer take those extended maternity breaks. So you have to get back to work or at least start managing your household soon after your post pump. Double electric breast pumps are always ideal for time management.
  6. Double electric breast pump gets you a backup and can be done while you are travelling.The double electric breast pumps are easily transportable and can be used while you are travelling too. They occupy very less space. Also they help you utilize the time that goes in transit. And when you are back you have your baby food ready.
  7. Double electric breast pump will stand between any lack of hope and disappointment about not being a good mother. I strongly condemn the feeling less of a mother if you are not able to produce breast milk. Nevertheless if anyone of you are fighting the blues of not being able to nurse your baby with natural baby food. Then breast pump will help to overcome this hurdle.
  8. Double electric breast pump helps discard milk that is not fit for use due to some disease mother might be suffering.If you had something in your meals that made your milk taste peculiar or suffered any illness that made your milk not fit for use or if your baby is not accepting the milk. Discarding the milk will be a very hard time if you use your hands. It will be painful too. Double electric breast pumps will help fasten the removal of milk not fit for use.
  9. Double electric breast pump help in lactation countering any medical conditions. If you had a breast reduction surgery or your baby was delivered prematurely before completing the course of pregnancy, you might be facing problems in latching on and milk yield. A hospital grade double electric breast pump will help you be able to lactate despite these medical conditions. Consult with your doctor before using a breast pump if you had a breast surgery recently.
  10. Double electric pumps make your breast milk available for your baby without calling any controversies. Recently a news report came about a man creating a havoc because he found a women publicly breastfeeding. Whenever you are moving out with your baby you can avoid calling in attention by using milk stored as a backup using these double electric breast pumps. 

Disadvantages of a Double Electric Breast Pump

  1. Exclusively pumping doesn’t give you and your baby the time to bond. As already mentioned no electrical equipment can substitute for natural nursing. So if you always use pumped milk as a means of feeding your baby then you are robbing your love bug of her rightful cuddles and warmth. Breast pump is a supportive device not a substitute for natural nursing.
  2. Excessive pumping can enlarge your breast size. If used for more than the prescribed or allowed duration then the breast pump will start affecting you like the breast enlargement pumps. So like nothing in excess is good, so is breast pumping. Do it twice a day at most and don’t sit at a stretch for more than 45 minutes.
  3. Once the breast milk is out of your body, one needs to be cautious of storage conditions. This is again a very mind boggling issue. If inside your body your breast milk is always instant ready. But once outside your body it is just like any other milk. Rather breast milk needs to more care while storing. You cannot boil it either otherwise it will lose its natural beauty. So you need to be very vigilant of the breast milk.

Factors to consider when buying Breast Pump

  1. Size of the breast pump shields: Most of the brands selling breast pumps provide only a single size. So one has to check the particular specifications and description of each brand about the size of the breast shields. Also if you don’t find any brand that has a suitable size then look for brands that allow you to change parts and accessories. This way you can use a different size shield and attach it to the breast pump setup.
  2. Budget for buying breast pumps: Yes, budget is something we think even when we proceed to buy the smallest item. So even in this case you need to know the amount that you can spare for these. While finalizing the range which is affordable, keep in mind that it is one time investment if you do it smartly and a double loss if you try opting for cheaper brands. There is a vast variety in the market showcasing an array from the very affordable to the pricey ones.
  3. Quality of plastic used in the breast pump: The parts of breast pump mostly are made of plastic. And every part is made of a different kind of plastic. Make sure that the bottles have nipples made of soft plastic so that they don’t feel hard to your baby. Similarly the plastic tubes should be of very good quality as they should not develop cracks if kept moist for long. The tubes should have a slippery smooth surface that lets the milk slide by easily. The plastic should be free of BPA ideally, and if not 100% free then the amount should be within the permissible amount. (Information about BPA is given in the FAQs in the last part of the article). The plastic should have a high thermal tolerance so that you can boil and sterilize it. A low grade plastic might give out harmful toxins and gaseous fumes that are health hazards.
  4. Standardization and safety certificates: When it comes to your baby’s health a mother automatically acts as the best health expert. And breast pump is about you and your baby. A malfunctioning breast pump is a danger for your breasts and in turn fertility. Make sure that the brand you select has been approved by the FDA. Also see for the particular piece’s packaging and other labels.
  5. Personal attributes with respect to lactation: If you have a substantial lactation level then you can opt for any kind of a breast pump.If you have trouble with your lactation duration then a double electric breast pump is the choice you must make.If you are always available for your baby then you might prefer the manual pump for rare pumping.While a battery powered pump if for those who are switching between the above cases. However if you are looking for breast pump as a substitute for your absence or for combating low milk yield then double electric pump is the value for money choice.
  6. Choice for feeding mode: If pumping is not going to be your regular feeding mode then a double electric breast pump will be a waste of money. When you are buying breast pumps only for a trial or you are still in two minds about pumping then you need not buy a double electric breast pump.
  7. Your baby’s comfort level in terms of feeding habits: If your baby doesn’t accept the bottle feeding method then again it is no point buying a breast pump. If you are at home all the while and have a good health and produce a good amount of breast milk, then again let your baby be nursed directly. It is my duty to mention here that being a mum I was of this camp earlier but after using breast pumps, I have had an entirely different experience. I used to feel that my milk yield satisfied my baby. On a friend’s recommendation I tried the breast pump, and to my awe my baby wanted more. Her health has improved a lot since I have started using the breast pump method as an addition to normal nursing. Nevertheless the midnight feeding and cuddles have not been superseded by the breast pumps.
  8. Accessories and add on extra spare parts with the breast pump kit: One should see what has been included in the breast pump kit and compare different brands. We will help you doing this with the help of our reviews. Also look for brands that provide spare parts so that you can replace any damaged ones.
  9. Warranty and insurance associated with the breast pump: Replacement brings me to this factor, the warranty and insurance. Many brands provide a three months warranty. Some health insurances don’t cover the electric breast pumps and allow only manual and battery operated breast pumps to be funded by them. So consider you insurance clause about breast pumps and the warranty period of the brand you have selected.
  10. Ease of use of the breast pump: If you are not comfortable with very complicated machinery then make sure your selected breast pump is easy to use. There are different kinds of double electric breast pumps. Some have a bigger pump and an elaborate spread while others will fit in your palm. So look for yourself that which one of them will be easy to use. After all you don’t want to conduct a science experiment even time you pump.
  11. Time you can spare for using the breast pump: If you are a working mother then you will surely not like to spend hours for pumping. Also after a tiring day you will not want a extra demanding task to add in your to do list. Pumping for you comes as a help and not as a task. So double electric breast pump will help you save on both, time and effort.
  12. Space for storing your double electric breast pump kit: There are various kind of breast pumps available in the market. Some have stylish sling bags with them while others are as compact to simply fit in your palm. Depending on the space you have for storing your breast pumps and where you want to use them, one needs to look for the right size and shape.

FAQs about Breast Pumping

  • Question: Is breast pumping painful?Answer: No it is not painful. It does not involve any insertion or piercing. It is simply like a sphygmomanometer pad, the one used for measuring blood pressure placed on your breast. You will first feel an intense vibration and tightening on your breasts and then it relaxes to a very mild vibration or even no vibration.You might feel it painful if you already have some inflammation. Otherwise it even helps relax a clogged milk duct.
  • Question: Will breast pumping sag down my breasts?Answer: This is difficult to generalize that pumping will or will not sag your breasts. Breast sagging depends on many factors like the intimate wear you’ve been using all your life, age, diet etc. Breast pumping might not sag down your breasts but over excessive pumping can do that.
  • Question: Is it safe to pump breast milk while I’m sleeping?Answer: No not for a long sleep or overnight. But yes you are allowed to doze off to a quick nap while sitting. It is safe as it is not a drug administration. But it is not advisable that you sleep overnight with breast pumps.
  • Question: When is the ideal time to use breast pump?Answer: The ideal time to pump is the time when your baby doesn’t want to be fed. Women generally pump when the baby doesn’t want to have more of the milk. Some do it for having an extra backup when they are going out. It is advisable that you pump and empty your formed milk once your baby is full. There is no medically defined ideal time.
  • Question: Which is a better option to nurse the baby or use a breast pump?Answer: Nursing a baby is a divine way to develop a bond between you two. So it is always better to nurse your baby. Pumps are breastfeeding solution. So pumping should be done when the natural way is not favorable. My vote will always be in the favor of nursing your baby.
  • Question: Can I pump breast milk more than twice a day?Answer: Yes, you can pump more than twice a day if it is needed. Don’t make it a habit unless you’re an exclusive pumper. Pumping more than twice will be over burdening yourself. Let the entire pumping be done in two seating a day. For the other pacifying feeding opt for nursing directly.
  • Question: Is sharing breast pumps safe?Answer: It depends with whom you are sharing. As a mother I would not take the risk. You never know of the other person’s personal hygiene standards. And neither can you boil or sterilize the collected sample. So it is advisable that you don’t share a breast pump. Closed system pumps can be shared if parts like tubing, flanges are not shared. 
  • Question: What are the precautions to be taken before breast pumping?Answer: Always wipe off the breast shields with a clean tissue. Look for any growth or dirt on the breast pump apparatus. Also clean yourself and the areas that will come in contact with the breast pump.
  • Question: How long can I store breast milk?Answer: Breast milk is best to be used within 6 – 8 hours if the room temperature is around 15° C. If you refrigerate it then it stays fit for use till 24 hours. Once refrigerated don’t re refrigerate after thawing. If you want my personal opinion, I always refrigerated it and used it within 6-7 hours as a precautionary measure.
  • Question: Should I use a second hand breast pump?Answer: No. When it comes to your baby’s health, try minimizing the compromises made. You can save your money while you are shopping for other household items but not risk your baby’s health. And not only about your baby it is about you too. A used breast pump will not be covered by warranty and won’t be covered by your insurance. Being a used one it might have lost its safety adjustments and configuration. It will be a double loss you might incur.
  • Question: Does milk supply shoot fast as soon as you start pumping?Answer: No. It is a skill. You need to assist your body while the electric breast pump acts as a supporter. The milk supply will increase gradually and you need to keep squeezing, massaging and moving your body while you master the art of breast pumping. Also one needs to make dietary changes to boost the milk production.
  • Question: What is BPA and how is it related to breast pump?Answer: Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic chemical used in the manufacture of plastics. It is used for making CD, DVD, electrical equipments etc. It is used to make polycarbonate polymers. BPA is used to make the bottles connectors and other parts of the breast pump. Some studies had shown that BPA found in breast pumps has harmful effects.

Recommendations by health organisations 

According to the reports of the Infant Feeding Practices Survey 85%  of nursing women have used breast pumps rarely, 25 per cent of them do use pumps often, while only 6 per cent depend totally on pumping.

In the Journal of Human Lactation, the scientists have mentioned about the rising debate on the effectiveness of exclusively using the breast pump as a substitute for natural nursing

.Indeed I being a mom who uses a breast pump will not be a bias. Natural methodology of hands expression can never be substituted by any artificial gadget. Babies don’t feed only for hunger; they do it for feeling close to you, your warmth and for pacifying themselves.

Also it is easier for milk to flow down a bottle than be suckled from your breast. This is the reason why your baby’s diet requirement increases. In the growing years of life this might not be a harmful thing. But this can lead to obesity in the later phases of life due to developing a habit of eating more than requirement. And what for is a mother who cannot monitor her baby’s eating habits. Any habit can be inculcated and undone under a mother’s vigilance. So let your baby have a hearty supply from your cafeteria!!

The movements like suckling, head placement and the fluid dynamics while breastfeeding help prevent ear infections. So do not resort to exclusively breast pumping.

Nowadays it is not feasible for the mother to completely leave everything and solely babysit her baby. She has to run for house errands or maybe get back to her job or for studying.

Neither can you delay having your baby to after 30s due to the serious health complications associated with delayed post 30s pregnancy.

So the mother is left with nothing but formula at her resort. And formula again is an artificial substitute. So now the choice is between the world’s best food for your baby – breast milk or formula.

While formula by high end brands are made closest to composition of your breast milk. But they don’t have the anti bodies. The manufacturers have been compelled to admit their limitations of not being able to supersede breast milk. Also formula milk has some heavy elements and other preservatives and artificial flavoring agents.

These synthetic chemicals should be avoided. They can be avoided if you use breast pump to overcome the difficulties faced while nursing your baby directly.So certainly breast pump is the best way to be able to give your breast milk even when you cannot nurse your baby.

Breast pump also help feed the premature babies who cannot latch of breasts and can’t suckle. Mothers who have a very poor yield can use breast pump to store a sufficient amount of breast milk and not strain their babies to suckle for hours. Even after the prolonged period of suckling the baby has a half filled stomach!

The FDA recommends the use of double electric breast pumps and has drafted the guide for using a breast pump. This has been made available online on the FDA online portal.

For further scientific information you can refer to the sites suggested by FDA site about breast pumping and breast pump:

You can also verify whether a particular breast pump has been passed by the FDA by clicking here:

And you can further learn about breastfeeding and other information related to breast pump by clicking:

If you have any issue or complaints about your breast pump then you can file a voluntary testimony about it by calling FDA consumer support 1800 or 1088.

And online feedback complaint or report can be filed online at MedWatch, with the safety information and Adverse Event Reporting program of FDA.

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