How Can A Father Help In Breastfeeding And Baby’s Growth?

How Can A Father Help In Breastfeeding And Baby's Growth

As a mother enters a new world after her child's birth, she has to adopt many techniques to nurture her baby. During this period, she demands and of course deserves some kind of cooperation. Her husband, being the father of the child should help her as much as possible.

Though breastfeeding is a natural process and all women possess an inherent ability of breastfeeding her baby, some of the mothers may face some troubles to start the process. In such cases, it’s imperative that the father of a baby encourages and supports her during this period of time.

​How Can A Father Help in Breastfeeding?

  • ​A father can take up the charge of the household chores to give his partner some relief.
  • He should ensure the fact that her wife is getting proper nutrition because during these initial days the baby's nourishment primarily relies on his mother. If possible, he can cook good nourishing food, which will help mom recover and produce more milk.
  • The father should look after the older siblings of the newborn, so that the mother can give full attention to the baby and the older ones don't feel lonely.
  • When his partner faces trouble to feed the baby, the father should encourage her to try and carry on the process. He should also convince her to seek his help whenever necessary.
  • He can also make her feel comfortable by giving her a pillow or bringing her a drink.
    Dad can get a PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow which is excellent for nursing moms.
  • Sometimes, it becomes necessary for a mother to breastfeed her baby in a public place. If she feels uncomfortable about the fact, it is the duty of the father to discuss this issue and sort out the problems. he can also buy a nursing scarf so that mom's privacy is maintained while feeding in public. 
  • A father can play the role of a major protectorate and guard his partner from the pushy relatives so that she doesn't feel any kind of problem.

​5 Ways How Dad And Baby Can Bond

baby and dad bonding

Some fathers believe in the myth that as they are unable to breastfeed their babies, it is not possible for them to establish an intimate bond with their babies during their initial days.

Some of the fathers even feel left out and lonely and even turn out to be jealous of both the mother and the baby and their relationship. It is their duty to erase this wrong notion and get close to their offspring. 

  1. Share some quality time through talking and playing with the baby when he remains awake.
  2. A new dad should read books for new dads, which can help him understand what ll is expected from him and how he can be a good parent.
  3. Pick up the baby while crying and carry baby in a sling, which also helps in skin-to-skin contact.
  4. Change the nappy when he is dirty or bring him to his mother at the time of breastfeeding.
  5. He can also help the mother in bathing and settling the baby whenever needed. Check best baby bath accessories.
  6. As he grows up, the father can read baby books to her, tell him a story, feed him and go for a walk with him. This will help to create a strong relationship between the father and the child.​

Fathers play a vital role in their children's growth. A child who gets the love of both his mother and father is the luckiest one.

​Physical Intimacy Between Couples After Birth

  • ​Most of the women don't like to have sex after their babies' birth. Some of them feel "out of touch" at the end of the day due to the physical and emotional effort of looking after the newborn.
  • Some mothers do not feel like having sex at the end of the day because of soreness and hormonal changes. They also feel extremely tired and demand rest at night.
  • Some mothers also feel a kind of vaginal dryness during the days of breastfeeding. This makes them feel uncomfortable during intercourse that makes them uninterested in intercourse. This problem can easily be solved if the mother uses lubricant available in the pharmacies it or supermarket.
  • The return of Menstrual cycle may be retarded after a baby's birth due to breastfeeding and hormonal changes. However, the delay does not ensure contraception. Thus before getting back to intercourse after a child's birth, the parents should have a serious discussion over the matter with a physician or a family planner.
  • A few mothers also face problems with breast leaking. If so happens she should feed her baby before having sex.

A Father's Role After Childbith

Right after a baby's birth the father also enters a new world along with the mother. The baby takes the central part of their thoughts and plans. Thus, it is obviously a father's duty as well to create a healthy environment for the baby's growth.

  • ​The father of the baby should consider the fact that the relation between him and his partner will no more be the same as his wife being the child's mother will have to spend a lot of time to take care of their baby.
  • The father may take the charge of looking after his baby when he remains at home. This may disturb the routine of his sleep. But he should adjust a bit to comfort both the mother and the baby.
  • The father may feel a bit lonely and left out in the beginning. But he should accept the fact and try to share some quality time with his spouse and offspring.
  • As the expenses increase right after a baby's birth, the father may feel a bit insecure and tensed in the beginning. But he should try his best to cope with the new atmosphere so that it doesn't put his partner and child in unwanted trouble.
  • As he has to spend some time in doing the domestic chores he may feel too pressurised at times. But he should not let this pressure disturb their new life.

A baby is a precious gift for both mom and dad. REMEMBER: A baby who is nurtured with love, care and affection by parents is a happy baby

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How Can A Father Help In Breastfeeding And Baby's Growth?
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How Can A Father Help In Breastfeeding And Baby's Growth?

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