Importance Of Breast Pump For Breast Feeding

Importance Of Breast Pump For Breast Feeding

Importance Of Breast Pump For Breast Feeding


Earlier, mothers usually pumped out breast milk manually. The process was both tedious and time consuming. With today’s busy lifestyle, manual pumping is certainly not suited to the working mothers. Even if you do have time at hand, why make the extra effort, when you can easily pump breast milk with the manual or electric breast pumps available in the market.

Electric breast pumps are like a boon for the constantly busy working mothers. Due to shortage of time, you might have often wanted to resort to alternative options such as formula milk. However, breast milk is considered best for the babies, as it provides them with not just the necessary nutrients and minerals, but also the much needed antibodies which are vital for the protection of the baby against diseases.

Formula milk, although a good substituent, can certainly not provide the same benefits as breast feeding. Doctors and lactation experts too advice on naturally breast feeding the baby, as nothing can be better than breast milk for the baby in the early stages of development. Breast milk gives the child all the required nutrients and other things necessary for proper development and growth.

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With the availability of efficient Electric breast pumps now, the problem of breast feeding has been considerably solved.

Why should you use breast pumps?​

  • A major reason for doctors and lactation experts recommending breast milk over formula milk is because breast milk contains all the things required by the baby for its growth as well as protection. It is nature’s defence for your baby and cannot be replaced by any alternative completely.
  • ​Another benefit of breast feeding is the natural contraception that it provides. As long as you are exclusively breast feeding, you cannot conceive. This is true if the baby is less than six months old and menstrual periods haven't started.
  • Most working mothers leave their babies with a nanny or under child day care. In that case, a breast pump can be really handy. You can pump the breast milk beforehand and store it, to be fed to the baby when they are hungry. This will help you to provide breast milk to your baby even when you are away. It also saves you the trouble of having to feed the baby at odd hours. You can simply pump the breast milk and store it to feed the baby whenever needed.
  • In case you are going out, you can simply carry with yourself a bottle of breast milk. This will save you from having to breast feed if it is not convenient and comfortable to do so while you are out.
  • As you can store your breast milk, it is readily available to the child whenever they need it in your absence. This is great not just for working mothers, but for housewives too.
  • There can also be the scenario, when the baby is not able to latch well but the mother is having good milk pre-production. In that case, you can simply pump out the milk with a breast pump and store it for whenever the baby needs it.
  • Another great benefit of using a breast pump is that it helps in preventing the breasts from getting heavy. It also prevents breast engorgement.

So, regardless of the reason, a breast pump certainly makes life easier for all the mothers.

​How to choose the right breast pump for you

Before going out and buying a breast pump, it is important to determine which type of breast pump will suit you best. It can vary from person to person. Here are a few things that you should look out for, to decide which breast pump would suit you best.

  • If you are getting the breast pump for occasional use, a manual breast pump would be best for you.
  • ​In case you are a working mother and have a baby less than six months, you would have to pump more frequently, as your baby will need more milk and you would be away for a long time. An electric breast pump would be best for you. It is less tiring and quicker than a manual breast pump.
  • Check out for proper phalanges or shields in the breast pump. They should fit your breast nipples perfectly, so that they can position them properly for comfort.
  • A good breast pump will closely imitate the suckling action of a baby without causing you any pain.
  • Getting a pump which has the option to vary the speed and suction is great for maximum comfort. You can adjust it the way you want.

How to store breast milk?

​After pumping the breast milk, it is very important to give special attention to its storage. This is vital to keep intact its nutritional qualities, as well as to keep in a condition so that the baby would easily drink it. Here are some tips for storing breast milk properly:

  • Try to always store the breast milk in containers that are baby friendly or in steel containers.
  • ​The breast milk can be stored at room temperature only for 4 hours after it has been pumped. If you want to store it for a longer duration than 4 hours, it would be proper to freeze it. It is very important to pay attention to this, in order to keep the nutrition and other properties of the breast milk intact.
  • Again, if you have stored the breast milk in the refrigerator, then there is a time limit for that too. It the breast milk is stored in the refrigerator, it should be consumed within 5 days after it has been stored. However, if you store the breast milk in the freezer instead of the refrigerator, you can store and use it for about 2 weeks. So, you can decide how you want to store the breast milk depending on your requirements.
  • You should be careful not to mix milk of two different temperatures.
  • After feeding, make sure to discard the leftover milk.
  • In order to maintain proper hygiene, make sure that you wash your hands properly before touching or using the breast milk.

What was your reason for using breast pump? Did you find electric breast pumps or manual ones. We would love to hear from you.

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